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The Plaza HOA Board Strategic Planning Meeting

This document is intended to inform Plaza homeowners of the recent planning activity of the Plaza Board of Directors, management and the Community Association Manager.

For the second consecutive year, the Plaza Board of Directors has held a strategic planning meeting approximately 2 months after elections for the primary purpose of the Plaza Board, Plaza management, and the Community Manager to establish clear strategies and actions on key issues of importance to the Plaza Homeowners Association. These strategies included setting clear responsibilities and related course of action to complete the work. This session was designed to build on the initial session the prior 2012 year.

Prior to the meeting, each Board member, manager, and CAM was asked to submit individually a list of projects that they felt were priorities to attempt to accomplish during the next 11 months in behalf of homeowner interests, problematic issues such as plumbing, etc. Each submission ranked their individual list. Once the lists were submitted to the Board President, they were consolidated without respect to rank and submitted to the meeting facilitator, Mr. Steve Alexander of the Alexander Group.

A brief training was provided, based upon materials included in the board package, regarding board and homeowner association leadership best practices. Continue Reading Article(click here)

Plaza Plumbing Workshop

The primary purpose of the meeting was to discuss the current plumbing issues at The Plaza, listen to the invited experts as to possible courses of investigation and action they would recommend to be implemented. At the conclusion of the meeting, the Plaza's Board goal was to have a unanimous recommendation from the experts that a forensic review and inspection of the Plaza's plumbing should be completed by a well-qualified and respected plumbing engineering company. The result would be that upon completion, the Plaza Board understand the condition of the plumbing of each building and develop a plan with the plumbing engineering company to remediate current issues, be proactive with preventative maintenance, and to re-pipe where and when necessary. Continue Reading(Click Here)

Plaza Insurance for the Lender

If you are looking to sell or maybe refinance your unit the lender may ask you for a few items, one of those items will be the insurance policy for The Plaza. You can obtain this document in our resource center in the folder titled "Plaza Insurance". In this folder you will find our insurance accord certificate. Some lenders/banks require the actual unit # on the certificate if so please call Art Hopkins @619-293-7779 or